Annabelle Makeup 2 | Annabelle: Creation HD
Annabelle Makeup 2 | Annabelle: Creation
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Annabelle Makeup 2 | Annabelle: Creation

LynetteTeeMakeup - Bridal, Makeup, DIY, Special FX
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Published on Mar 13, 2017
The Annabelle 2 Creation Makeup Tutorial aka The Annabelle Doll Makeup

Time flies, i remember i created this video on 2013 inspired from The Conjuring movie. Now they are releasing Annabelle 2! I have re-edit the video and do the voice over again.

I make a change from my previous Annabelle makeup, by wearing a custom Annabelle theatrical contact lenses. The effect is pretty good, and i think is much creepier.

What do you think? ☟☟

Added Bonus video [7:55]

Inspired by The Conjuring movie (2013), The Annabelle Doll

Help me translate this Annabelle Makeup video:

How-to Cover Eyebrows with Spirit Gum & Wax

List of makeup products:
1) Make Up For Ever Pan Stick Foundation (Porcelain CF1) -
2) Plato - Loose Powder
3) Make Up Factory - Eye Styler 50 (Eyeliner) -
4) NYC Liquid Eyeliner (887 black) -
5) Shu Uemura - Black Eye Shadow -
6) Make Up For Ever - Plasto Wax -
7) In2it Red Lipstick + Shu Uemura - Dark Brown Eyeshadow -
8) Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips & Cheeks - Blusher -

Sound Effect from Insidious Soundtrack & Conjuring Soundtrack

Wig from BK Unique Hair

Annabelle contact lenses


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