Tupac Resurrection ANIMATED Book Recommendation ALL EYEZ ON ME HD
Tupac Resurrection ANIMATED Book Recommendation ALL EYEZ ON ME
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Tupac Resurrection ANIMATED Book Recommendation ALL EYEZ ON ME

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Published on Jun 02, 2017
Tupac Resurrection ANIMATED Book Recommendation ALL EYEZ ON ME
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Wouldn’t it be weird if the leader of the West Coast, in the East coast versus West Coast rap beef of the 1990’s, was born on the East Coast?!?!

Well, that’s exactly how it happened. Tupac Amaru Shakur was born in New York to freedom fighters. His mother, Afeni Shakur, was a Black Panther Party member. Afeni Shakur said Tupac loved to read. Pac says his mother taught him three things: 1) respect, 2) knowledge, 3) search for knowledge. It’s an eternal journey.

Tupac says he was named after an Inca chief from South America. The tribal translation meaning “intelligent warrior”.

At a young age, Tupac began expressing himself through poems and other artistic ways.

Even though he smiled a lot and tried to enjoy himself as best as he can, Pac grew up very poor. He would say, “If there’s anything I hated, it was being poor.”

For high school, he attended Baltimore School of the Arts. There he was exposed to theater, ballet, lifestyles of the rich and famous, and diverse cultures. Another famous Black person, who would be a lifelong friend to Tupac attended the school as well, Jada Pinkett Smith. Inside the book there’s a personal poem in Tupac’s own handwriting that he wrote to Jada.

During high school, Pac picked up and moved to California.

He was broke, with no skills. He hung around drug dealers and pimps.

Tupac says the inspiration for his music comes from wanting to show the world what is going on in the ghetto. He hopes that when they see the true picture of what it’s like to be born into a place like that, they’ll show compassion and help change the conditions.

I would describe Pac as an optimistic visionary. To be great and leave a lasting impression on the world you have to believe you can change things, you have to have a vision for a brighter tomorrow.

In Cali, he started off as a background dancer for a group named Digital Underground. Then, he finally got his shot to rap.

When people ask me to name my top 5 rappers, I don’t name him because I don’t consider him a rapper. I consider him an artist. That’s not disrespectful, I feel like his art form transcended rap. He was more than just a rapper; he was a poet, a spoken word artist, a political activist, and an actor. Pac was the perfect storm to talk about issues in the Black community.

Tupac said he was living a Thug Life. He didn’t define thug like the dictionary does. Pac thought a thug was an underdog; someone who has nothing but finds a way to succeed.

Tupac had a lot of struggles in his life, from getting shot to going to prison. But every situation made him stronger and wiser.

Pac had a number 1 hit in the country when he was in prison. It was the album, Me Against The World. He also got married for a brief time! But, he was not inspired; he couldn’t write raps while in prison.

The biggest lesson he learned while locked up was humility. That life is a chess game. Every move he makes there will be a response.

When Tupac got out of prison, he signed to Suge Knight’s label, Deathrow Records. He said he signed because Snoop Dogg was there and he felt like by combining with them they could be bigger together than separate.

Tupac said, “I usually mess up, but I learn. I come back stronger. Everyone changes, becomes better people. We all should get that chance. I just want my chance.”

Sadly, he never got his chance. He died at the age of 25, leaving no children behind to continue his bloodline. But his legacy lives on, in his music, in our fond memories of the king amongst men. And it will continue to live on. Long Live Tupac Amaru Shakur.

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